White label SEO

On main street, the difference between two brick-and-mortar competitors in a market with near-identical product quality, and equal customer service, may be marginal at best.Decided perhaps by factors like brand loyalty and location. But on the Internet, the difference can be a matter of entire worlds – all because one company doesn’t command the same level of presence online.

On the Internet, product quality matters – but so does content quality. Without the right SEO, a business is unlikely to get picked up as much as it should.And its owners find their online success to be limited, even floundering in the face of a tech-savvy, yet otherwise inferior competitor.

That’s the significance of SEO – and here at SEO Service Agents, we know that better than anyone. We also know, however, that providing quality in-house SEO doesn’t come cheap for some. That’s why we offer our services to marketers.So they can offer to take their client’s business, and turn it into a shining jewel among its competitors, reflecting the quality of their product with an equal dedication to their company’s online image.Without them realizing that they’re dealing with two separate services.

Doing SEO from scratch requires a lot of input, a lot of content, and a lot of revenue. For many marketing agencies, quality SEO is still entirely unfeasible and logistically unjustifiable. So that’s where a white label SEO reseller like us comes into the picture.

What is White Label SEO?

 SEO is search engine optimization. It’s the process of ensuring that your company’s online presence (and this includes much more than just your website) gets the very best shot at being picked up by search engines like Google, and being ranked highly for a specific keyword. As an example, if you’re a hardware store in Delhi, that’s the exact keyword you may want to target.

An SEO service then looks to it that your business is optimized in a way that, when someone looks for a “hardware store in Delhi” through Google, your business is among the top results. Of course, the more general the keyword, the larger the market – and the larger the market, the greater the competition.

For smaller companies, this spells death. They don’t have the budget of big-chain hardware stores or corporate competitors – and may only receive trickle-down customers, if any at all. That’s where you come in – and it’s where white label SEO gains its significance.

By working with us and taking advantage of ourwhite label SEOservices, you can get your clients the benefits of a fully-fledged SEO service without having to deal with the in-house logistics to pull it off. As premium white label SEO providers, we at SEO Service Agents work hard to make the most out of white label SEO.And, get you the online recognition your business deserves, without the necessary cost of paying for all the content out-of-pocket.

What We Will Do For You

Aside from utilizing professional white label SEO skills to get your client’s business ranking much higher, we at SEO Service Agentsoffer a myriad of cost-effective SEO packages.These grant them access to a number of extremely effective SEO services, including such services as:


  • Local SEO Audit– The first thing we do for your clients is give you a detailed report of where your business stands in terms of SEO ranking. We do a thorough audit of both your company and your top local competitors.
  • Local Listing on Google– We build a road-to-ranking plan of action to getting your client listed on Google for your local market.
  • Google+ Community Creation–To further help your client’s online rankings, we can build them a quality Google+ community.
  • YouTube Channel Creation– Video is more than just a simple web-based asset – having videos with your client’s company name and keyword online can put you ahead of the competition, and we’ll start your client off with a professional channel, and one slideshow video detailing what their business is about.
  • SEO Ranking Reports– We provide you and the client with a monthly report of your client’swhite label SEOThey can know exactly how much of an effect the SEO has had on their business.

 Our services don’t stop there. From going over your client’s website with Copyscape, to running checks on your client’s backlink history, we’ll give your client a complete picture of how they’re doing online.

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