You’ve invested a great deal of time (and possibly money) into publishing of your blog and have finally launched it.  So the next step is to start attracting readers and engaging them.  Sounds easy enough, right? It should be.  Unfortunately, most first-timers don’t realize the relationship between blog engagement and SEO where this is concerned.  Remember first and foremost that you want your blog visitors to:


·         Read and engage with your comments and posts

·         Comment and share them on social media platforms

·         Return to your blog continually so they will read what is posted in the future


So what exactly is “blog engagement?” First of all, it is essential where SEO strategies are concerned and vice versa.  Google notices whenever blog visitors leave comments and posts as well as when they post a response.  For the search engines, they will see that your blog is active and very much alive.  Not to mention the fact that your rankings in the SERP’s will benefit from mentions of your content on social media platforms.  The end result is that all of this will generate more visitor traffic. And that is exactly what you are looking for.


The key is to increase blog engagement with your visitors.  But how do you ensure this? How do you ensure that your visitors will comment about what you have posted and potentially share it on the social media platforms where they are active? For better SEO, this helps to a great extent. Here are 7 tips for increasing your blog engagement:


·         Ask your blog visitors to respond to your content and post their comments or share their thoughts about it.

·         Continue blogging on a regular basis and let your readers know they can expect to see more posts in the future.

·         Go out on a limb occasionally and stir up the waters a bit.  In other words, be somewhat controversial and discuss interesting topics.

·         If visitors respond to your request (see above – “Ask your blog visitors . . .”), politely respond to them.  If people notice you’re paying attention, they will keep returning.

·         Increase your visibility by engaging on other blogs and post comments on posts that are similar to your own.

·         Post content that is funny, informative, or relevant so people can’t wait to share it.

·         Write original content that your readers will feel compelled to share with others.


You cannot be shy if you are hoping to engage your visitors.  Unless you are normally outspoken on issues that are near and dear to you, you need to be a little bold in order to build a following and engage them.  Remember this formula:


Awesome, original content + a bit of controversy = increased engagement


Don’t be afraid to invite responses to your blog content.  No one was ever successful at blogging without taking chances and walking a tightrope. Start today and achieve your SEO goals.