In today’s global marketplace, you have to keep current on SEO trends and continually refine your SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. Just having a website with informative and relative content isn’t enough. Even if you’re active in social media, it’s difficult to keep pace with your small business competitors.

You have to ensure that every webpage is optimized if you want to achieve a higher position in the search engine results pages or SERP’s. The reality is that for smaller brick-and-mortar businesses, traditional marketing methods aren’t generating sufficient sales numbers and adding to the company bottom line.

SEO is the Key

The use of SEO as one of the components of your overall SEM strategy is the ideal method for generating more sales leads and attracting quality buyers over the internet. Interested consumers will see and read your content more often when your webpages are more visible in the SERP’s. Ideally, you want to optimize your webpages well enough so they rank on the first page of the search results. This attracts more visitors and generates more engagement than any other marketing strategy.

SEO Techniques for 2018

In November of last year, Google claimed that they were on pace to achieve 130 trillion unique indexed pages. Therefore, writing content that breaks through all the clutter and stands out from all the rest is essential to growing your small business. The following techniques will enable you to keep pace or even pass your competitors during 2018 and hopefully into early 2019:

• Adapt your content to the digital environment by reducing the length of paragraphs and sentences (more white space increases visitor comprehension by 20% or more)
• Analyze your current SEO strategy (if there is one)
• Decrease the amount of time that it takes your website to load
• Make your website URL friendlier and shorter
• Optimize and update previously published content on a regular basis (it keeps your content fresh and keeps your visitors interested)
• Optimize your on-page SEO by using relevant keywords that that resulted from your keyword research
• Pictures and images should be optimized as well (be sure to include keywords in your file name and tags so the search engines know what they depict or relate to)
• Most importantly, NEVER try to circumvent ranking factors – in other words, avoid using any “black hat” practices

You will improve your ranking position by employing the above tips. Additionally, you’ll increase your website’s visibility and generate more visitor traffic in the process by hiring a digital marketing service. They will have the right professionals dealing with SEO and link-building to help you get the right place online for the targeted visibility.