SEO Reseller Services

Figuring out why a website is not showing up on the Google search results page can be a frustrating task. SEO reseller services can provide a cost-effective way of making your client’s website standout.

Google Changes

One change to an algorithm, and your client’s whole SEO strategy becomes obsolete. Most small businesses don’t have the time nor the resources to keep up with Google’s latest updates to PageRank. We can set up KML, KMZ and XML sitemaps for your client’s websites and create Google business listings and a Google+ page.

Most consumers switching to mobile devices from desktop computers to search the Internet. Google has adjusted to prioritize local tags to make it easier for customers to find businesses in their immediate area. Therefore, local SEO is necessary for brands to take advantage of the mobile consumer market.

Google also penalizes websites for poor quality content. Bad backlinks also can ruin a website’s rank. Finding out why a website has been penalized can be tough. SEO reseller services can take the guesswork out of the equation and eliminate duplicate content using CopyScape.

Another problem some websites have is they have no meta data or headline tags, which mean’s they don’t show up on search engine results page (SERP) when a prospect types in the company name in Google search.

SEO reseller services can audit a website for such errors and help set up an SEO plan that will have your client’s business rank much better online.

As a quality authority in SEO, our SEO reseller services cut through the terminology and submit images, video, text, slides, PDFs and more to search engines and social media sites. This provides your clients with the absolute best shot at getting heard and seen online.

Social Media Links

Many consumers shop using social media accounts. Connecting website content with the correct prospects can be a linking challenge. At SEO Service Agents, we know how to get inbound links to your client’s Web 2.0 site. The thing about high quality content is that it won’t do a brand much good if no one sees it.

Google likes social media updates, so companies need to be able to get their updates noticed. Website posts need headlines that will grab Google’s attention. As experts in the industry, our SEO reseller services can make sure blog posts, and the like, have a strong anchor on each of their web pages. Knowing which keywords will attract the correct prospects can lead to more successful content submissions to Google and Bing.

Making your client’s website content shareable can greatly improve chances of outbound links. SEO reseller services can make sure it’s easy for visitors to share a website’s content on social media platforms, including GEO tagged Flickr images.

We also utilize our own social media profiles to share the company’s content and links, taking advantage of the widespread influence that social media has today in consumer behavior. After a company has determined which platforms its prospects use; making continual use of them for marketing purposes should be a priority.

You’d be surprised how many companies have not bothered to fill out the account profiles on their social media accounts. We can determine which accounts need updating through a thorough SEO audit of inbound links. In a Web 2.0 world, YouTube is a must. We can set up a channel for your clients and create a professional YouTube slideshow video, promoting each brand’s products and services.

Be an Influencer

Inbound links to a client’s website from high-ranking websites including social media platforms will increase the credibility of the website’s content. Companies can become thought leaders in their market, and will thus have a greater chance of success.

Waiting around for a company’s latest video or blog post to go viral is a waste of time. It is better for brands to have a clear, consistent and relevant voice on the Internet.

SEO Service Agents can analyze competitors’ backlinks, so your client will be better able to determine how to increase its market influence and convert leads to customers.

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