SEO Reseller Programs

Perhaps your company’s website or blog is in desperate need of some good SEO treatment. But you don’t have the time, skills or resources to do it in-house. Then the SEO reseller programs, provided by SEO Service Agents can be of help to you. No matter what your business sells or provides, our SEO experts will step in to tackle your client’s SEO problems. Utilizing their existing website and social media profiles, SEO Service Agents can create some top quality content for them. Providing them with relevant keywords that will attract Google’s algorithms, and set them in motion, to attract a steady stream of visitors to their website.


Why Bother With an SEO Reseller Program?


Content that is poor quality, out of date, irrelevant, or just plain spam won’t be picked up by Google’s ‘robots’; as it won’t be deemed relevant to what consumers are searching for. Backlinks from poor quality or spam websites will ruin a website’s Google ranking, and it isn’t always possible to find out where these backlinks are coming from. This is why you can’t just create a generic website, publish it, and hope for the best any longer. Strategies that attracted visitors to websites even only a few years ago will no longer work.


Why Choose SEO Service Agents?


Many SEO reseller programs will only provide a basic package or a generic SEO service. We have a wide variety of packages to fit all situations and budgets. We think about everything that could affect your client’s website. From mobile friendliness to local listings, and always staying on top of new trends; these can drastically alter SEO rankings.


SEO is ever changing as Google constantly updates its algorithms to keep spam sites out of its rankings. This can be difficult to keep on top of when you have enough to do to take care of your business. By letting our SEO reseller program do it for you, you can watch as a constant supply of interested visitors come to you for their SEO, to keep your cash flow moving.


We use a full range of tools to keep your client’s website in the best shape it can be for SEO, including running it through CopyScape to check for duplicate listings or plagiarized content. Anything that could damage your client’s website’s Google rankings will be found and eliminated using our range of tools and expert SEO skills.


The most important service of all, that we provide, is creating quality content. Great content that interests people and attracts them to your website is the most essential component of SEO. But most companies don’t have the time to be constantly creating and updating it. Part of our SEO reseller programs involves creating and curating content including: blog posts, images, videos, PDFs, and PowerPoint slideshows; then sharing them around through our own specially created social media accounts. This will get your client’s website noticed by both consumers and Google’s algorithms, provide a high number of quality backlinks, and keep their website high up in Google’s search rankings.


How Do We Do It?


Depending on the SEO reseller program you choose, there are many ways we can keep your client’s website constantly on Google’s radar. Some of the most popular and effective options are:


  • creating or fixing citation sources
  • running a full audit of their website to identify and eliminate all errors
  • creating KML, KMZ, and XML sitemaps and submitting them to Google webmaster tools
  • checking to see if your client’s website is blacklisted
  • checking their website’s backlink history
  • removing spam links
  • creating web 2.0 profiles
  • and much, much more!


If this all sounds like too much technobabble, then don’t worry. Our SEO experts will make up a full plan for you, and happily explain everything to you in layman’s terms. We’ll also take care of all technical aspects, so you won’t need to worry about deciphering extra jargon.


If you still have any further questions, or want to see the full list of packages and services our SEO reseller programs provide, check out our website. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today to find out what we can do to help your business be the best it can be.

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