Search Engine Optimization or SEO has long been recognized as the ultimate website traffic generator. It is the primary process that internet marketers and online entrepreneurs utilize in order to improve the quality and volume of their website’s visitor traffic. Where internet marketing strategies are concerned, using SEO and the 4 elements listed below is the method for increasing a website’s relevance.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

The words or phrases used by consumers in their search for certain products or services are known as keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to a business. Search engine optimization, or SEO is the process used to improve web page or website visibility.

As one of the more effective internet marketing strategies, SEO takes into consideration a choice of search engines, the function of the search engines, keywords and keyword phrases, and what people are searching for. Google AdWords and Google Analytics are excellent online tools for finding the best keywords and keyword phrases.

Landing Pages

These are the pages that individuals land on when searching online. They are very important where SEO is concerned. You want to ensure that the content on your landing pages is unique. As long as you keep that content unique, you should consider creating multiple landing pages. In fact, the more landing pages you create the better.

For instance, if you sell several different types of fishing lures online, you should create a landing page for each type and the available choices (color, size, etc.). Be sure that your keywords and keyword phrases are placed in the content several times and that you have meta data relative to your landing page’s content.

Meta Data

In the simplest of terms, Meta Data is basically data about, or relevant to, other data. In SEO, Meta Data enables the cataloging and sorting of web pages by helping the search engines to recognize specific data embedded in webpage content. The data is hidden within the site so that the information can be easily accessed by the search engines.

Meta Data is critical to the operation of an online business because it enables potential consumers to locate your website much easier. Meta Data is comprised of numerous elements, the three most important of which are the description, keywords, and title.

Reciprocal Links

When two or more online business owners or webmasters agree to place hyperlinks within their web page content that redirects the reader to the other website they are using what is called “reciprocal” (or reciprocating) links. The purpose of using reciprocal links is to show a partnering between the two websites and to provide the reader with easier access to those related websites.
Another benefit of search engine optimization is that the major search engines take reciprocal links into consideration. The more reciprocal links you add to your website and the more that the search engines find, the higher up in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) you are likely to land.