Private Label SEO

SEO can be difficult to get your head around. Google and other major search engines change their algorithms all the time to prevent spam websites or unhelpful content from showing up in search results. The downside is that it is difficult to stay on top of these changes, so many books and articles on SEO are already out of date.


This is why SEO Service Agents offers an all-in-one package to make SEO simple, affordable, and, most importantly of all, profitable for clients through private label SEO.


Google My Business


Among the services we offer to marketing agencies, and other aspiring businesses looking for a private label SEO partner, is our all-in-one package. This package includes the Google My Business Optimization to make your company’s website appear as highly as possible in Google’s rankings for your particular industry. It includes the following:


  • local SEO audit, including website audit and competitor analysis
  • optimizing your listing on Google Plus, including getting rid of any duplicate pages
  • creating a YouTube channel for your company and submitting slideshow style videos
  • submitting geo-tagged images to Flickr
  • creating a Google My Business listing
  • and much more!


Organic SEO


The all-in-one package for private label SEO also includes an Organic SEO strategy. This involves creating high quality content for your website and sharing it around to as many of our own social media profiles as possible. And, using these inbound links to improve traffic to your client’s websites, in the long term. We do this using the following steps:


  • running a full audit of the websites in question, including checking speed, mobile usability, and checking for spam and malware
  • checking for plagiarized content with CopyScape
  • gathering together some great content, including images, videos, and PDFs that can be submitted to other websites
  • creating or updating profiles on all major social media sites, if they don’t exist already
  • analyzing top competitor’s backlinks


By creating lots of different types of content in different formats, and then sharing it around through social media, alongside a properly-optimized webpage, we can get your client’s website noticed.




One of the essential private label SEO tools is keywords. These are the words and phrases people are most likely to use to find a business or website through search engines. The search engine’s ‘robots’ pick up on these keywords in your content and use them to decide your ranking in the listings. What we do is analyze all of the most common keywords your customers search for, and which are most frequently used by your competitors. We use this information to create great quality content for your client’s website; using these keywords which will be picked up by Google’s robots. We do more keyword research every month to see what has changed and adjust the website or content appropriately. Our various packages can include anywhere between five (5) and three hundred (300) keywords per month, or even more if you desire.


Why SEO Service Agents?


While SEO is one of the most critical services in the online marketing world, it’s also an expensive service to facilitate. And as you can tell, it requires thorough dedication. Leave all of this to our team who are experts in private label SEO, and all of the changes that Google makes. You are free to continue working on your business, without having to worry about providing in-house SEO to your clients. We don’t just create content for your client’s website like many other private label SEO providers do, we also analyze your client’s existing website fully. And, run a check on competitors to find out how we can really get you ahead of the game.


This is just a brief overview of the private label SEO services provided by SEO Service Agents. All of which are much more affordable than hiring someone to specialize in SEO within your company. There are additional services available to help your website even further. Check out our website for a list of packages available, or contact a member of our team for more information and pricing. We have both monthly and one time packages available, and all use our collected SEO and Google knowledge.

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