Whether you agree or disagree, the cliché “Content is King” still holds true, especially when it comes to successful link building. The value of great content cannot be taken for granted because of the role it plays in supercharging our promotional efforts. The following is a list of 6 content strategies that will help you achieve on-page and off-page success when building your links.

Borrow from others – if you write content that is compelling and engaging, you will attract links regardless of the industry or vertical you happen to work in. Borrowing from others is a great way to achieve this. Don’t confuse this with duplicating content. This is about using data that is available publicly and marketing collateral except you’re giving it a new spin or twist.

Create news from nothing – this concept or idea is about spotting things that could potentially turn into something important or useful. If you feel it’s shareable and topical, hook onto it creatively and makes something new out of it. When it comes to building links and PR coverage, tapping into a story that already exists can bring quick success.

Get as much bang for your buck as you can – investing in content marketing is an ideal way to generate engagement and interaction. One method for doing this is to creative relevant content that is highly shareable and will help you gain more links through outreach strategies. Another angle is to consider multiplying – not duplicating – your content. Adding new content over time will also help you to multiply it.

Know what the press is looking for – this is oftentimes referred to as “hacking the press” or PR hacking. It’s a tactic that helps you understand how well certain content is traveling throughout the internet and what the journalists will be most likely of appreciate and keep up with. Make us of well-received content in your coverage strategies.

Search the forums for content – as previously noted; forums can be an inspirational resource. Let’s face it. People love to talk; they love to post comments and share. If you can tap into those forum conversations on a regular basis, you’ll be able to create high-quality, shareable content. That will help build better links and adding them to social media channels will help you get better audience.

Utilize what you already have – whether you’re an agency rep of working in-house, take the time to utilize what’s already at your disposal. Dig into what you have and talk with other business people. It’s a great way to find information and other topics that will help you gain more features.