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Using Digital Marketing in Social Media to influence the Consumer

Today’s businesses use digital marketing to represent their brand in such a way that the consumer recognizes it and relates to it easier than ever before. It is now easier to promote and showcase your products or services as well as your company by engaging the consumer through a number of social media platforms. However, when your goal is influencing the consumer’s purchasing decisions, the best way to achieve it is by using effective digital marketing strategies. (more…)

How To Maintain Social Media Channels And Keep Them Secure

While it may not always be at the top of your mind, maintaining the security of the social media channels you use to market and promote your brand should be a priority. There are numerous examples of brand mishaps that could’ve easily been prevented if better security measures had been in place including hijacked social media user accounts, personal comments that were posted accidentally, and so on. The 5 tips listed here will ensure that your brand doesn’t make the wrong kind of headlines. (more…)

Statistics That Will Help You Develop Your Mobile Marketing Strategy In 2018

As of 2014-15, the number of mobile device users (laptops, smartphones, and tablets) has overtaken desktop users where shopping and surfing the internet are concerned. If you stop and think about it for a moment, your smartphone is basically a mini or pocket-sized computer. You have a camera, the internet, and literally thousands of apps. The fact that Google is indexing websites in the SERP’s based on mobile “friendliness” is a testament to the dramatic increase in the number of mobile users in the last decade (more…)

4 Ways To Turn Potential Customers into Buyers And Reduce The Rate of Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the most crucial problems that plague eCommerce entrepreneurs and internet marketers is “shopping cart abandonment” or SCA. SCA occurs when someone visits you website, selects an item or items to purchase, and then leaves prior to completing their purchase. Consequently, the item or items they selected are left in their shopping cart. As an online businessperson or marketer, you’ve done everything right up to this point including the development of an effective SEM, SEO, and SMM strategy. (more…)

Why is My Website invisible to Google?

The primary goal of SEO agencies is to see their clients consistently appear on the first page of the SERP’s or search engine ranking pages. Furthermore, when a new client approaches an SEO agency, it’s usually due to one of two reasons (or possibly both). Either their company is displayed lower than their competitors in the SERP’s when a specific keyword or keyword phrase is being searched for or the site isn’t displayed for certain key search terms. (more…)

Improve Your SEO with these Social Media Marketing Practices

It’s safe to say that SEO and social media marketing (SMM) are integrated strategies that tend to work quite well together. From a comparative standpoint, these inbound, organic strategies focus on a mutually beneficial goal – developing an identity that naturally appeals to and attracts visitors to a person’s website. Social media depends on three critical elements:

• brand visibility
• high-quality, relevant content
• a strong online presence (more…)

4 Lessons Internet Marketers Need to Learn About Psychology and Social Media

It’s safe to say that there isn’t much hope of being successful at social media if you don’t know and understand your target audience. Consequently, the best way to accomplish this is by using a few psychological principles to get inside their heads. When developing a social media marketing (SMM) strategy, the three most important concepts in your SMM strategy should be:

• Knowing why people share certain content
• Using color to build audience trust
• Creating a successful SMM strategy with emotion (more…)

Optimizing Your Video Marketing With 5 Essential SEO Tips

The use of videos in B2B marketing has become an increasingly popular practice as companies that have video marketing strategies are now earning more revenues, enjoying a stronger online presence, and generating more sales leads. Although Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are outstanding social media platforms, for video content, it doesn’t mean that users are necessarily in a buying frame of mind. But there is one fact that holds true. Roughly 90% of all decision-makers in a B2B environment are using video search to help in the decision-making process. (more…)

5 Helpful Tips to creating a successful SEO Strategy

Most internet marketers and other online entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of SEO and the role it plays in the success of their businesses. However, developing an effective SEO strategy can oftentimes be a challenging and overwhelming endeavor. If you’ve gotten frustrated in your attempts to develop a successful SEO strategy, here are 5 steps that will help you overcome your dilemma: (more…)

Mobile SEO Trends that are making an Impact

It’s hard to believe that we’re slowly approaching the last quarter of 2017 and starting to look ahead to next year already. What’s the old expression, “Time flies when you’re having fun?” It’s not so much that time goes any faster. It’s the fact that many internet marketers and online business owners are struggling to keep up with several trends in mobile SEO. However, if there is one thing that has become strikingly clear since the end of 2015, it’s the fact that mobile SEO is the reality and no longer an option. (more…)

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