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The Best SEO Techniques To Use For Your Small Business In 2018

In today’s global marketplace, you have to keep current on SEO trends and continually refine your SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. Just having a website with informative and relative content isn’t enough. Even if you’re active in social media, it’s difficult to keep pace with your small business competitors. (more…)

A Brief Guide To The 3 Types of Visual Search

According to Webopedia and other sources, visual search is defined as a “perceptual task requiring attention that typically involves an active scan of the visual environment for a specific object or feature (the target) among other objects or features (the distractors).” Therefore, a visual search engine searches for information on the web through the use of images and provides visual search results. Interestingly enough, everything including search queries is going visual in digital media. (more…)

Role of Social Media In Digital Marketing

“Word of Mouth” has long been recognized as the most powerful form of advertising for any business. However, social media has evolved into today’s version of word of mouth advertising or marketing. Connecting with and engaging an audience in social media helps to generate more interest regarding who you are and what products or services you’re offering. Basically, social media has two functions where business is concerned: (more…)

Common Mistakes Businesses Make In Social Media Marketing

No matter how large or small your business is, you have to integrate a social media marketing (SMM) strategy into your overall marketing plan. Over the past 8 to 10 years, the use of social media platforms for marketing purposes has grown exponentially. (more…)

5 Most Essential Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy is a complex, on-going endeavor. There are numerous elements involved such as discounts and giveaways, influential content and posts, paid social media ads, social media marketing campaigns, and so on. Taking all of these options into consideration, how do you know which elements of a digital marketing strategy are essential and which ones aren’t? If you think you cannot maneuver the marketing campaign, it helps to hire the services of a professional company that specializes in it. (more…)

Increased Link Building Success With 6 Content Marketing Strategies

Whether you agree or disagree, the cliché “Content is King” still holds true, especially when it comes to successful link building. The value of great content cannot be taken for granted because of the role it plays in supercharging our promotional efforts. The following is a list of 6 content strategies that will help you achieve on-page and off-page success when building your links. (more…)

Understanding Google’s Search Algorithm Changes

It’s no secret that Google’s search algorithm changes are an ongoing process with major updates occurring up to 10 times each year. So it should come as no surprise that this “tradition” will continue in 2018. In fact, there can be 500 to 600 changes in the Google search algorithm, albeit most of them are minor in significance. However, major updates such as Panda or Penguin will have more significant impacts to be aware of. (more…)

The Digital Marketing Strategy: The What, Why, And Elements That Make It Effective

Today’s businesses need an online presence if they have any hope of being successful. Consequently, we hear a great deal about digital marketing and how those companies that incorporate it into their promotional strategies are growing a strong online presence and increasing their profits. When digital marketing is the topic of discussion, there are a number of questions that come to mind such as: (more…)

What Does The Future Hold For Social Media Marketing?

Over the past few years, the social media marketing (SMM) landscape has evolved dramatically. Furthermore, there appears to be no end in sight as more significant changes are possible in the near future. As more and more online entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon, we can only speculate what the future of SMM is going to look like for internet marketers and other online enterprises. (more…)

How has the Consumer Purchasing Landscape been changed by Digital Marketing?

In the past, if you’d seen one business model, you had seen them all. Basically, you could use the same template for different businesses and even different industries. It always involved the consumer being tempted to purchase a product or service by the electronic or print media channels. Furthermore, it could involve a lengthy process in some cases and hopefully a positive outcome. After that, it was a matter of repeating the process until it was no longer productive. (more…)