Developing a successful digital marketing strategy is a complex, on-going endeavor. There are numerous elements involved such as discounts and giveaways, influential content and posts, paid social media ads, social media marketing campaigns, and so on. Taking all of these options into consideration, how do you know which elements of a digital marketing strategy are essential and which ones aren’t? If you think you cannot maneuver the marketing campaign, it helps to hire the services of a professional company that specializes in it.

If you’ve already developed a business plan, have decided on your metrics, and have set your company’s goals and objectives, the following 5 elements are essential to your digital marketing strategy:

E-mail marketing – while the so-called digital marketing “experts” continually predict the demise of e-mail marketing, it’s nothing more than false alarms. Not only is e-mail marketing still very much alive and well, it’s essential to any digital marketing campaign today. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate website traffic and realize an incredibly high return on investment.

High-quality, powerful content – great content will improve your ranking in the Google SERP’s. Furthermore, create the type of original content that your fans will follow and share. Start with a blog, but don’t stop there. Other viable options to consider include infographics, original images, podcasts, and webinars for starters. Remember, the old adage “Content is King” still rings true, especially where successful digital marketing strategies are concerned.

Mobile capabilities – every brand name must be mobile-friendly if you want to attract potential buyers and retain customers. Mobile use comprises over 70% of all US digital marketing efforts and outweighs the use of PC’s in 8 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the UK).

Paid social media ads – while you can develop a strong media presence and gain some cost-free promotion in the process, don’t neglect or overlook the potential power of paid social media advertisements. These ads are set up so that you can control how much you invest in your advertising and track your overall traffic and sales conversions. If you’re paying attention to your marketing metrics, you could realize a significant ROI.

Strong influencer relationships – influencers are essential to expanding your online business. Why you ask? Well that is because they are trustworthy sources of information. Forbes recently cited a research study conducted by “MuseFind” in which they found that over 90% of online consumers trust these influencers. The key is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with these influencers. Just remember, it’s a 2-way street.